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"We Aren't Like Other Retro Gaming Podcasts..."

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My name is Adam Blank (yes, that really is my last name). I'm a proud Canadian, a stand-up comedian, a life-long gamer, and the host of the Remember The Game? podcast.

I always say that our show "isn't like other retro gaming podcasts", and I stand by it. We don't do history lessons. You're not going to learn how the sausage was made here. I wanted this podcast to mimic the conversations we used to have on the playground as kids, just getting excited (or angry) about the games we were playing at the time.

My experience as a comedian has helped me become very confident behind a microphone, and I truly feel my guests and I bring something to the retro gaming podcast community that wasn't there before. If you're looking for a fun, energetic gaming podcast that's crammed full of obscure Simpsons references, profanity, and a host that's maybe a little too passionate about old video games, you're in the right place

Give us a shot, and 'Remember The Game?'! (That's so cheesy, and I love it.)

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