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Episode 98:

Star Wars:
Knights of the Old Republic

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Practically every list of the best original Xbox games has some combination of Halo, Halo 2, and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic as it's top 3 games.

That's a fantastic "top tier" of games, and for my money it stands against any consoles all-star lineup. We talked Halo back on episode 43, and Halo 2 will be popping by for episode 100. So today I figured we'd touch on the game most consider to be the best Xbox title NOT starring Master Chief; Star Wars: KOTOR. (Plus, it won the Patreon Poll for May, so a deal's a deal).

I'm new to the Star Wars universe, and this is actually the first Star Wars game I've ever played. And it was absolutely delightful! I'm worried the rest of the games based on the franchise won't live up to the standard KOTOR set for them. Which I guess is kind of like watching the movies after New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, but that's a discussion for a different podcast.

My buddy and RPG nerd Miklos is back on the show this week, and we had a great time talking about our adventures with Bastilla, HK-47, and stupid Carth. If that's all you're here for, skip to 16:00.

Or be a completionist and listen to the whole thing, because before we get into KOTOR, I talk about:

- Our episode 100 Switch Lite giveaway! Sign up for our Patreon to be entered automatically, or send your entries to the email address - (deadline is June 8th, 2020)

- It's a great time to pick up a PS4 or an Xbox One, if you don't have one.

- I (quickly) rank the Star Wars movies, now that I'm a Star Wars guy.

Enjoy the show!

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