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Episode 93:

Pokemon Stadium

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Another Pokemon game. Kind of.

Every time we talk the monsters of pockets and their games, I get a little nervous. I know how passionate the die-hard pokeheads out there are, and one little mix-up or slip of the tongue can result in days of "actuallllllly" tweets and messages.

Mark McCue is my guest this week, and we decided to talk about the Nintendo 64 behemoth that was Pokemon Stadium. This game blew minds back in 1998, and it took those little blobs of pixels we called pets on Game Boy and made them giant blobs of pixels on TV. This game actually looked pretty fucking good for it's time, and I didn't realize just how many copies of Stadium had sold until I started working on this episode. We all played this game one way or another, and it damned well deserves it's moment in the Remember The Game spotlight.

If that's all you're here for, skip to 14:10.

Or listen to the whole thing (what else do you have to do?) and hear me share my thoughts on stuff like the losers out there using computer programs to buy up the world's Nintendo Switch reserves and the Mario Maker 2 update and whether or not it'll convince me to buy a copy of the game. I also touch on the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X news that's allegedly coming, our Patreon is back, and I'll tell you about all the games I've been playing between naps over the last week!

Stay safe, clean your controllers, and enjoy this week's podcast!

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