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Episode 88:

Mario is Missing!

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I'm considering revoking Mark McCue's Hall of Fame status for suggesting we talk about this piece of crap.

Also, this episode contains more adult language than most episodes. You've been warned.

This week's episode is all about the "educational"- "Mario" - "video game" (imagine that was said with air quotes) that is Mario is Missing. What should have been a sequel to Super Mario World starring the often overlooked Luigi is really nothing more than a crappy history lesson. It was designed to fool parents (like mine) into buying their kids a game that looked like the one they've been playing since they got their SNES. I hate it.

If you only want to hear me yell about this dumb game, skip to 14:50.

Before I get into Mario Is Missing, I obviously address the Coronavirus that's taking over the world right now. There's a new perk for Patreons of the show, and I tell you all about it! And Xbox revealed some Series X specs that I don't understand.

Thanks for listening, enjoy the podcast, and wash your controllers.

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