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Episode 84:

Sonic The Hedgehog:
The Movie

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Every once and a while, shows have to do something different. Christmas specials, clip shows, Treehouse of Horrors, etc. Well, this week it's a "very special" episode of Remember The Game? I'm solo, and instead of looking at a game we played back in the day, I'm looking at a movie. About a game we played back in the day.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is out, and as a life-long Nintendo fanboy, I really liked it. Enough to dedicate an episode of my podcast to a movie about my childhood arch-nemesis. It's not a super in-depth movie review, it's just me explaining why you should (or shouldn't) go see this flick.

The rambling intro is longer than normal this week. I announce the official game of the podcast (unofficially). I also take a long look at the Nintendo Playstation thats up for auction right now, and share my thoughts on what gaming would look like today if Nintendo and Sony had formed the MegaPowers. And finally, my stupid joy-cons are finally becoming an issue I can't ignore. Has Nintendo handled this drifting fiasco properly?

We'll be back next week with a regular episode of the podcast about an old video game. Enjoy the break this week, and go see Sonic!!

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