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Episode 78:

Perfect Dark

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**Game talk starts at 16:55**

When a majority of people think of first-person shooters and the Nintendo 64, Goldeneye 007 probably comes to mind. And while it's unquestionably an iconic video game (we covered it all the way back on episode 11!), Perfect Dark is better. At everything.

From the additional weapons, to the insane multi-player options, to the great story telling (Elvis for the win), Perfect Dark was a masterpiece. I'm not sure how well the Nintendo 64 version has aged - that controller is such a monstrosity - but the fantastic Microsoft-centric port is absolutely the definitive way to play anyways. And it's still worth firing up all these years later.

I'll be honest, I don't have a ton of memories when it comes to Perfect Dark. I wasn't a huge shooter fan, and after Goldeneye I moved on from the genre until Halo got it's claws in me. But after playing it on my 360 a few years ago, I regretted that choice whole-heartedly. This game was one of the swan song titles for the Nintendo 64, and it really pushed the console to it's absolute limit. Rare and everyone involved should be proud of this game, and its about damned time we gave it a chance to step out James Bond's shadow and shine.

My pal David Rae is my first guest of 2020, and we're looking back at the iconic Perfect Dark. It's a *perfect* way to start the year! See what I did there??

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