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Episode 63:

Virtual Bart

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**Game talk starts around 13:45**

When I launched this podcast, my idea was for my guests and I to reminisce about the games we played as kids. Both good games, and bad. It's taken 63 episodes, but we're dipping into the really bad end of the pool. Worse than Power Rangers. Worse than Bart's Nightmare or Boy and his Blob. Hell, this is worse than the last fifteen years of The Simpsons. Today, we're talking Virtual Bart.

This was one off the few Simpsons video games I never owned as a kid. We rented it a couple of times, and I wanted to like it. I mean, it was The Simpsons! But I never got into it. I can look past the faults of most Simpsons games because I loved the show so much, but this game sucks. Half of the mini games are borderline unplayable. The controls are hot garbage. A few cameos by various characters from the show aren't nearly enough to salvage this piece of crap.

You play as Bart (obviously), and he gets strapped into a VR machine at a scene fair. The opening cutscene is actually the best part of the game. The machine then turns into a gameshow style wheel. The player stops it, and whatever image Bart's head stops on decides what mini-game you play. I have no idea what happens if you finish all the levels, because I can't beat most of them.

We'll explain what they all are this week. Listen to this podcast and move on. If you want The Simpsons to ruin your day, just watch one of the modern episodes of the show. They're all way better than Virtual Bart.

I hate this game. My buddy Chris is my guest this week, and we have a couple beers while we tell you why it sucks on this episode of 'Remember The Game?'. Enjoy the podcast, and then try to forget this game.

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