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Episode 62:

Resident Evil 4

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**Game Talk starts at 10:25**

Now, I don't throw around the word "masterpiece" very often. But this game? This game is a masterpiece.

It's freaking Resident Evil 4. Practically a lock to show up on any respectable 'greatest games of all-time' list. Originally released as an "exclusive" for the criminally underrated Nintendo Gamecube, it's been ported to everything over the last fourteen years. Literally everything. There's probably a SNES version of this game now. And that's ok. This game is incredible, and it should be ported to everything so everyone gets a chance to play it.

I remember playing through it for the first time on my Gamecube. I had never really gotten into a Resident Evil game up to this point. This one dropped, and the reviews were insane. People were calling it the greatest game ever made. I thought that seemed a little extreme, but I was looking for something beside Mario sports games to play on my 'Cube, so I gave it a chance. When I reached that first village, and realized I had complete control over how I tackled all these creepy hillbilly people that wanted to kill me, I was hooked.

The atmosphere in this game is INSANE!! The music isn't great on this week's episode, because there isn't any. Capcom did a phenomenal job of setting the mood and making you constantly pay attention to your surroundings. The way that creepy little tune kicks in whenever bad guys are approaching was genius, too. It never gets old.

The graphics have held up, too. I just played the Switch port of this game a couple months ago, and I'm happy to report Resident Evil 4 still looks great. It has a very dark, almost foggy aesthetic to it, and it really adds to the tension and feel of the game. I never found myself trying to figure out what I could and couldn't interact with, which I find can be an issue with some more realistic looking titles.

I only really have two minor issues with RE4. The controls (Wii version aside, apparently), take a little getting used to. And the story can be tough to follow. But the controls felt fine after a couple hours of play, and the story doesn't really matter. You have to save the President's daughter, and that's good enough for me.

This game is the bee's knees. My guest Patrick thinks so, too. We'll tell you why over the next hour or so. Enjoy!

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