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Episode 41:


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Spider-Man is my favourite superhero. Even if you ignore all of the "he's a normal guy trying to do the right thing/with great power comes great responsibility" stuff and just focus on superpowers, the guy is sick. Climbing walls, super strength, agility, and of course, web-slinging. He seems like he'd be perfect for video games. And unfortunately, that wasn't really the case for a long time. Then came Spider-Man for the PlayStation.

Developed by Neversoft, Spider-Man initially released on the PlayStation in the summer of 2000. It later found it's way onto the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast, but for me and most my friends, this game's practically a PlayStation exclusive. It's one of the games I most wanted to see on the PS Classic last year - although I didn't expect it because of licensing and the fact that the PS Classic is garbage - and aside from Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and the Tony Hawk series, it's one of the titles I most associate with Sony's first foray into the console world.

(On a side note, Neversoft developed the Tony Hawk games along with Spider-Man. That's a pretty sick track record. They were definitely one of the original PlayStation's MVP developers)

You (obviously) play the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. You fight bad guys, climb walls, and yep, web-sling around New York. Kind of. Doctor Octopus and Carnage release a fog across the city, and it blocks out the lower half of New York for the duration of the game. Obviously a way to work within the limitations of the PlayStation's hardware capabilities (I assume anyway), you web-sling along the skyline of the city without ever seeing the streets, traffic, and people. It actually works really well, and doesn't take away from the game.

Where this game truly shines, in my opinion, is it's story. It absolutely captures the feel of the modern Marvel movies, and the roster of characters that make appearances in Spider-Man is INSANE! Spider-Man, Venom (my other favourite. And they team up, which is the best!), Punisher, Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Carnage, Human Torch, Daredevil, Rhino; the list goes on and on. Stan Lee even shows up! I say it during the podcast this week, but nothing makes me happier than when I see a game developer truly cares, and it's obvious while playing this game that Neversoft set out to make something special. And they succeeded.

An original story, incredible gameplay and graphics, and a little TLC, Spider-Man has it all. My buddy Tyler and I had a great time talking about one of the stand out (and occasionally forgotten) gems on the PlayStation. It's all about Spider-Man this week on 'Remember The Game?'!

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