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Episode 4:

The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you're listening to this podcast, you know this game. Ocarina of Time is one of the most critically acclaimed video games in history. Link's first foray into the world of 3D is considered by many an absolute masterpiece. Until the release of Breath of the Wild, a lot of people named it their favourite Legend of Zelda game. Many still do. It's one of the highest rated games on Metacritic after all these years, and alongside it's sequel; Majora's Mask, and Super Mario 64, the primary reason people want to see Nintendo produce a Nintendo 64 classic console.

All that said, it has it's faults.

Admittedly, I'm a crotchety old man who prefers his Nintendo games in 2D. Mario, Metroid, Zelda; my favourite game from each series lives on the SNES. When Ocarina of Time came out, I was excited. We all were. I remember my buddy Mike and I getting a ride to go pick up our collector's editions when it came out, and I was so excited to get home and fire it up. And I did. And I played it quite a bit. But, do you want to know one of my deepest and darkest gaming secrets.....?

....I never finished it.

I never finished Ocarina of Time. Many years later, I did finally complete it on the virtual console. And it was fun enough. But I stand by what I thought as a teenager; this game is slightly overrated. Monumental? Sure. But overrated.

My pal Mark is the biggest Zelda nerd I know, and we had a great chat about Ocarina of Time and it's legacy. You can hear it, if you like.

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