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Episode 255:

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Part II)

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These revisited episodes are some of my favourites, because they're another excuse to keep talking about some of my favourite games of all-time. And there's few gams on this planet I can ramble on about for as long as I can talk about Super Mario Bros 3.

Not to cheap out on this thing (does anyone actually read these?), but what can I say that we don't say int his show and that everyone else hasn't said a million times? It's Mario 3. It's one of the GOATs.

My guest this week is The Gentleman of RTG (and cohost of the Quantum Kickflip podcast), David Rae. He's come by the show t talk Super Mario 1, 2 and Lost Levels, so it just seemed fitting to wrap up the NES Mario quartet by chatting frog suits and Tanookis.

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