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Episode 25:

Chrono Trigger

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Happy Boxing Day! I have a late Christmas present for all you nerds - an episode of Remember The Game! And not just any episode, either. When I launched this podcast and put feelers out to my friends to try and book guests, this was the single most requested game I came across. Almost everyone I've had on the show expressed their interest in talking about Frog and friends. Of course, we're talkin' the little know cult classic - Chrono Trigger!

Frog is the best character. Don't @ me.

My pal Tyler is a Chrono Trigger junkie, and we spent a good 45 minutes looking back at one of the most celebrated and beloved RPGs of all time. Like many of you, Tyler adores this game. In the interest of transparency, I need to point out that I didn't play this game growing up. My first experience with it was on the Wii virtual console years ago, and as such, my nostalgia ties aren't as strong as most of yours. And while it's undisputedly a masterpiece, I have some mixed opinions on it. Please don't stop listening to the podcast after this episode. Please??

I hope this week's episode helps you kill some time while you're standing in line at Boxing Day sales. Maybe it just provides you with a way to escape your in-laws for an hour. Regardless of how you're spending your holidays, I hope they're going well. I hope Santa came through for you, and I appreciate you spending an hour of them with me and Tyler. Thanks for listening!

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