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Episode 24:

SEGA vs Nintendo

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Playstation vs Nintendo 64. PS3 vs Xbox 360. Virtual Boy vs Good Business Decisions. All among the greatest rivalries in video game history. But none of them can even come close to comparing to the all out blood feud that was Nintendo vs Sega in the '90s.

Nintendo, led by their portly little plumber Mario, cruised into the 16-bit era after reviving the video game industry with the NES. Their new Super Nintendo Entertainment System promised better graphics, better sound, and better games. They had conquered the gaming world. But a challenger was waiting for them...

Sega had launched their Genesis console two years prior to the SNES release. Promoted as a "cooler, edgier, more mature" video game alternative to Nintendo, Sega and their new mascot - a blue hedgehog named Sonic - were ready to take a shot at the king. The end result was the original "console wars". Nintendo and Sega went at it for years, competing for market supremacy. And when a war is waged, people are forced to pick sides.

You were either a Nintendo kid, or a Sega kid in the mid 90s. I was firmly in the Nintendo camp. My pal Miklos found himself in the Sega trenches. As children, we may have come to blows. However, as adults, we feel enough time has passed. The wounds have healed. We were finally able to sit down, shake hands, and talk about growing up in the era of "Sega vs Nintendo". This is a history making podcast, ladies and gentlemen.

I really enjoyed this episode. We decided to try something a little different, and I like the way it turned out. Regardless of what side of the fence you found yourself on, I hope you enjoy this look back at the historic (first) console war. Thanks for listening!

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