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Episode 23:

Mario Paint

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Is there any reason to dig out and play Mario Paint in 2018?? Of course there is - the fly swatter game!!

Do you still have your SNES mouse? Or that big, boring grey mousepad? Whenever I run into one at a garage sale or a flea market, my mind flashes back to sitting on the floor in front of our TV, trying to make a song before giving up and just filling the entire track with pigs oinking. So many memories....

My fellow comedian and gaming geek Mark McCue returns to the show this week, and we take a trip down memory lane and remember Mario Paint for the SNES. In a time before iPads, smart phones, and even home computers, we had Mario Paint. You could colour pictures, make up songs, create comics, and yep, swat flies. Everyone played this game growing up in the 90s. It might seem boring and too simplistic by today's standards, but it was pretty revolutionary at the time.

This game was innovative and original when it was released, and it really sparked a creative energy in some of the kids that played it. People are still creating music with it 25 years later! I really feel like Mario Paint was a launching pad for the "think outside of the box" mentality that Nintendo embraces today. Enjoy the episode!

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