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Episode 211:

Wave Race 64

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Wave Race 64 was added to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack library last week, and I figured it'll probably never be this topical again, so let's strike while the iron's wet. I've been looking for an excuse to cover this one on the podcast anyway. I remember playing it back when I got my 64 and thinking the water physics were incredible, and the game itself was really fun.

I've been playing it over the past couple days to get ready for the show, and even after all these years, those statements hold true. The water is STILL incredible, and the game is STILL really fun! I was actually surprised by just how well this mofo has aged, to tell you the truth.

My younger brother, Josh, is my guest again this week, and it was a real trip going back to 1996 and talking about a game we used to play together as kids (and as much as I hate to admit it, a game he used to be able to kick my ass at). Wave Race 64 hold up, and hopefully this week's podcast convinces you to give it a spin.

And before we race on waves, I CRUSH another edition of the 'Remember The Game? Infamous Intro'!

This week, someone asks how I deal with haters and negative listeners online. How does Yoshi's Island stack up against Super Mario World? And do I think I'll ever stop buying new consoles and games?

Plus we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', too! This one features 3 N64 racers: Excitebike 64, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, and Ridge Racer 64

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