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Episode 200:

Final Fantasy Tactics

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Welp, we did it. 200 episodes. From "Nobody will listen to this anyways" to the biggest video game podcast in Canada in just under 4 years. Fucking eh. Thank you all!

And to celebrate 200 of these monstrosities, we're finally talking about the most requested game in the history of the show: Final Fantasy Tactics.

**If that's all you're here for, skip to about 42:30**

I was nervous this bad boy wouldn't live up to the expectations, but I'm happy to say that if you're a diehard FFT fan, the only thing you might hate about this episode is that I don't know as much about the game as you do. I loved this game, and my buddy David Rae and I spent over 90 minutes explaining what makes it so great (aside from a certain bullshit boss fight in chapter 3).

Seriously, thank you all for the support, and I really hope this episode lives up to your expectations the same way Final Fantasy Tactics lived up to mine.

And before I inevitably let you down, I bake up another edition of the 'Remember The Game? Infamous Intro'!

This week, someone calls me out on my flip flopping Aerith stances. Have I ever performed stand-up comedy while stoned? And why do I fear Metroid on the NES?

PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring 3 of the most requested games in RTG history: Portal, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Diablo II.

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