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Episode 198:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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The GBA and the PS2 are the consoles I get the most requests for, and as I've explained, I just didn't play them much in their prime, so I'm slowly catching up on the catalogs. You could lump the 3DS into that conversation, too. I don't get as many requests for episodes about its best games, but I've also only played a handful of titles on it, so the podcast options are pretty limited.

Fortunately, I DID play The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. And I'll plant my flag in the sand right now - this is not only my favourite game on the 3DS, its one of my favourite Zelda games of all-time. As a card-carrying Link to the Past fanboy, this game was a fantasy come to life. It's a sequel to one of the greatest games ever made, and while they had every opportunity to fuck it up, they didn't. In some way, I actually this is a better game than its older brother, and I'm pumped that it's the first 3DS review in the almost 200 episode history of RTG.

My buddy Mark McCue gave me a call this week, and we had a nice, beefy chat about that time Link rented tools from a rabbit, turned into a painting, and did all the other stuff he does in every other game.

**PLUS, we plug Mark's first stand-up comedy album, which releases TODAY!

It's called 'Son of a Drama Teacher', and you can find it on Bandcamp through Billy James Records.

Show McCue some love!!!**

And before we talk renting boomerangs and stuff, I bake up another edition of the 'Remember The Game? Infamous Intro'!

This week, we talk about the best Metroidvanias on the Switch. What horror game has scared me the most? And I address the rampant speculation that I hate the PSP.

PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring three sequels: Silent Hill 2, Half-Life 2, and Final Fantasy X-2.

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