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Episode 188:


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It took wayyyyyy too long for Contra to make an appearance on the podcast, and that's a mistake I'll never fully forgive myself for. But I can dwell on past mistakes, or try to be better in the present, and I'm a positive guy. So we're finally talking Contra, and I cannot fucking wait. I adore this game (and its little brother Super C, too!)

These games are the definition of "tough, but fair". If you practice and put in the time, you can beat these games. I can beat both of them, and they're two of the prouder accomplishments I list on my gaming resume. You get out what you put in with Contra.

Or you can just use the Konami code.

My buddy and fellow old man, Brad, returns to the show this week, and we talk about what makes these games so damned good. I explain why I think the SNES Contra is inferior. We do a deep dive into what the 'S' in S-weapon stands for. And it gets a little heated when we talk about who the guys on the cover are based on. Fuck, I love Contra.

And before we talk shooting aliens, I drop another steaming edition of the 'Remember The Game? Infamous Intro' on ya!

This week, I answer some questions about the podcast itself that come up from time to time. I also answer the question: Ninja Turtle movies: CGI or live action? And if I had to take one RTG guest as my partner for The Amazing Race, who would it be?

PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring three of Konami's NES heavies: Castlevania III, TMNT III: The Manhattan Project, and Super C.

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