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Episode 162:

Skate or Die

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There were so many bad games on the NES. I love that little grey box, but I'd say 70-75% of the library was forgettable. And Skate or Die is one of those bad games. But for whatever reason, it isn't forgettable. It seems like EVERYONE played this game at least once or twice.

And honestly, once or twice was enough. This game suuuucks haha.

My buddy Brad returns to RTG Industries this week, and we talk about the dope soundtrack, the art. The title screen was nice. And the we shit all over everything after you press start, because...ugh.

Great title screen, though.

And before we talk Skating and Dying, it's time for another edition of the 'Remember The Game Infamous Intro'!

This time around, I talk about some games that I've done a 180 on since I launched the podcast. We talk about gaming burnout. And we discuss whether or not Epic did anything wrong by copying the Among Us formula and putting it into Fortnite Imposters.

PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring Super Dodgeball, Cool Boarders 2 and Wave Race 64!

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