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Episode 161:

God of War

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This week is one of our prestigious Patreon Poll winner episodes, and we're talking about a game that launched one of Playstation's flagship franchises, and a title many consider to be amongst the best the PS2 has to offer - God of War.

I've only ever played the most recent God of War title, (on the PS4), so many of you warned me that the previous games in the series were a little different to 2018's. I expected a hack and slash beat 'em up with Gods yelling at each other; and for better (and) worse, that's what I got.

My childhood chum Daniel pops by the podcast this week, and we had a long chat about the pros and cons of Kratos's gaming debut (and there's definitely a few of each). I hope those of you that love this game still love me when you're done!

And before we talk Gods, it's time for another edition of the 'Remember The Game Infamous Intro'!

This time around, I talk about my experience with video game betas. We get into products from The Simpsons we'd like to see in real life. And I lock in my prediction as to when we'll see Nintendo's next console.

PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime and Super Metroid!

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