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Episode 153:

Gaming Magazines

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Remember gaming magazines? Pepperidge Farms remembers. And so do we.

My guest this week is our resident former Hall of Famer - Mark McCue. We changed the formula up a little this week, and instead of talking about the games we played back in the day, we talked about the magazines about the games we played back in the day. From the ads, to the reviews, to the tips and tricks and the killer cover art; we're talking gaming magazine memories.

And before we talk about Nintendo Power, it's another edition of the Remember The Game Infamous Intro!

This time around, we talk about stuff like the best character class in RPGs, whether or not online trophies should be included in a platinum trophy's criteria, and whether or not Playstation should get away from this tried and true "third person action game" formula.

AND, we have the first ever round of 'Read One, Revive One, Remove One', featuring Nintendo Power, EGM, and GamePro!

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