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Episode 151:

Streets of Rage 2

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Last week, we talked Super Mario Bros. Maybe you're wondering, 'where do you go after talking about one of the greatest Nintendo games of all-time?'

You talk about one of the greatest SEGA games of all-time! And that's what we're doing this week with the phenomenal beat 'em up; Streets of Rage 2.

Sometimes I struggle with playing a retro game for the first time nowadays, because their warts and imperfections just stand out so much more than they did back when the game released. But I gotta tell you kids - Streets of Rage 2 is every bit as playable today as it was in 1992. And that's really fucking playable.

My guest this week is my buddy Joe. He's a born and bred Sega kid, who grew up on a steady diet of Streets of Rage, and we blew so much smoke up this game's ass it looked like it was on fire. This might just be my favourite game on the Genesis, period.

And before we talk about rage filled streets, it's another edition of the Remember The Game Infamous Intro!

This time around, we talk about stuff like games that make us angry, but we play them anyway. I explain how much money I make on services like Patreon and Twitch, as opposed to how much those platforms take for themselves. And someone asks which console I've enjoyed more so far; my Playstation 5 or my Xbox Series X.

AND, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time, it's the "beat 'em ups that aren't Streets of Rage" edition, featuring Double Dragon II, River City Ransom, and Battletoads.

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