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Episode 144:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Remember playing Metal Gear Solid back in the day? You (probably) either thought the story telling and cinematic were incredible, or you thought the cutscenes sucked and you just wanted to play the game. And there's a decent chance you felt the same way about Uncharted.

I was late to the Playstation 3 party, and when I finally got there, Uncharted was the first series I got into. REALLY into. I love this series. All four games are a great combination of story telling, graphics, gameplay, and fantastic music. These really are like playing a movie. Some people love that, and some people hate it. My guest Tim and I are both 100% the former.

This is one of those episodes where we kinda look at the series as a whole, as opposed to focusing on one particular game. I hope ya like it!

And before we listen to Sully offer us useless advice, it's another Remember The Game Infamous Intro!

This week, we talk about my reliance on food metaphors, TV shows from our childhood that have been completely forgotten about, and the shit everyone is giving Outriders (and whether or not it's deserved).

Plus, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time, it's the "Playstation exclusives that HAVEN'T been remade lately" edition, featuring Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and Infamous!

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