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Episode 131:


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Last week, we covered Tetris. Arguably the single greatest video game ever made. This week? Shaq-Fu. Arguably the worst video game ever made. It's all about balance, you guys.

Shaq-Fu is a game about former NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal. And maybe you're thinking, well that's cool. I love basketball games. This isn't a basketball game. That would make too much sense. This is a fighting game. Shaq goes to an alternate dimension (via Toyko) and fights aliens to save a missing child before his basketball game.

I know. Remember The Game? might be jumping the shark this week.

My guest is my best good friend Brad Woren, and damned if we didn't swear, scream and stumble our way through a chat about one of the biggest abominations in gaming history; Shaq-Fu.

And speaking of abominations, this episode features another Remember The Game Infamous Intro! It's a long one this week, and we get into stuff like why more movies don't get video games released alongside their theatrical debuts anymore, whether or not Arcade 1Up is running out of ideas, and what Nintendo might have up their sleeves for Zelda's 35th Anniversary this year.

And of course, we play 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time around, it's the 'Games That Feature Athletes In Their Titles' Edition, starring Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Jordan vs Bird, and Ken Griffey Jr. presents Major League Baseball!

If you want to skip to something specific, here's where to go:

0:00 - 3:40 Intro

3:40 - 5:10 Expansion Pass #41 - 'The Blankies' Clip

5:10 - 9:02 Initial self-indulgent rambling

9:02 - 26:30 'Blowing In The Cartridge' (Listener comments & questions, and Letter Time!)

26:30 - 38:15 'Play One. Remake One. Erase One.'

38:15 - 41:45 What have I been playing?

41:45 - 44:18 Listener's Shaq-Fu Memories

44:18 + Shaq-Fu Talk!

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