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Episode 120:

My Apology To Super Mario 64

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For the first time in the history of Remember The Game?, I'm doing an apology episode.

I've always been anti-Mario 64. I didn't like it when it came out and I've been quite vocal about it. But I recently played through it for the first time since the 90's, thanks to Mario 3D All-Stars. And I was wrong. It's fantastic.

It's not perfect. The camera can be a jerk and the flying is hilariously bad. But a healthy serving of nostalgia combined with the lack of the Nintendo 64 controller has turned me around on Super Mario 64. I'm solo this week, and I want to apologize.

And before that, it's the fabled 'Remember The Game?' intro! We talk about renting video games back in the day, games we continue to play even though they suck, and the NES's 35th birthday!

We also have another fantastic edition of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This week it's the 'Happy Birthday NES' edition, starring Contra, Bat-Man, and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Enjoy the podcast!

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