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Episode 12:

Final Fantasy VII

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I'm a little concerned that nobody has heard of this week's game, but they can't all be home runs...

It's Final Fantasy VII. Even people that don't play video games have probably heard of this game. It's Cloud and friends versus Sephiroth and a giant rock. There's huge robot weapons, an amusement park, and a guy with a gun where his hand should be. Pretty bad ass.

This is the game I (and a lot of other people) most associate with the original Playstation. After two incredible games on the SNES, Final Fantasy switched sides and went with Sony's new console (the cartridges on the Nintendo 64 just couldn't handle a game the size of FF VII). I remember the insane lead up to this game. Going online for the latest rumours, reading about it in gaming magazines - remember those??? Everyone was so excited for the first 3D Final Fantasy!

And it lived up to the hype. It's absolutely the most talked about game in the series. Many people call it their favourite Final Fantasy game, their favourite RPG, and in some cases, even their favourite game of all time. I've played through it multiple times. It's a great game, and the characters and world are iconic. It's getting an remake from the ground up. Cloud has crossed over to Smash Bros. It got a movie for a sequel!! It's Final Fantasy VII!!!!

But, is it, maybe, just a little bit overrated?

My buddy Tyler is my guest this week, and we spent almost an hour going back to Midgar, trying to get Barrett to go on a date with us, and talking about the legacy of Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!

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