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Episode 11:

GoldenEye 007

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Before there was Call of Duty, before there was Overwatch, before there was Halo; there was Goldeneye 007.

Was there a better multiplayer experience in the late '90s than Goldeneye?? The single player game was fantastic, but that's not what people remember about this game. You remember sitting on the couch with your buddies, swearing that you're not looking at each other's screen (even though you totally were), and just spending hours running around, shooting each other. Every group had a favourite way to play, too. Our preferred setting was License to Kill (one shot kills) and pistols.

The thing I loved the most about the Nintendo 64 was the ability to play with four players at once. It's common place now, but I had never owned a console like that before. The 64's legacy is absolutely with it's multiplayer outings - Mario Kart, wrestling games, Mario Party, and of course; Goldeneye 007. How many hours of your life were wasted running around the Facility??

And every group had someone that insisted on being Oddjob when you'd play, and they're probably in jail for tax fraud or something now. If you were the Oddjob kid, you're a cheater, and you should be charged and prosecuted. Fuck you.

My friend Kevin is my guest this week, and man oh man did we have a great time remembering the game Goldeneye 007. I hope the music in this episode makes you feel as old as it made me feel. Thanks for listening!

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