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Episode 109:

Blades of Steel

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Before there was SEGA vs Nintendo, Playstation vs Xbox, or Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, there was Ice Hockey vs Blades of Steel.

We covered Ice Hockey wayyyy back on episode 49, and now we're finally looking at the other side of the frozen coin. Blades of Steel was my personal preference between the two, and I have a great time explaining why with my childhood chum Dan on the show this week.

It's The Pass! Hit The Pass! With The Pass! Whatever they say, it helped make this game iconic, and it's about damned time Blades got it's moment in the Remember The Game? sun.

If that's all you're here for, skip to 23:48.

Or be a good teammate and listen to the whole thing! Because before we get into Blades of Steel I share my thoughts on...

- The new Battletoads game!!

- Luigi was supposed to be in Mario 64!?!?

- What games do you want to play again, but know you'll never have the time?

And more!

Enjoy the podcast!

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