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Episode 107:

Video & Arcade Top 10
W/ Special Guest Nicholas Picholas!!

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Before Gamespot, IGN, and YouTube, we had Video & Arcade Top 10.

It aired in Canada on YTV from 1991 - 2006, and kids watched it religiously. It featured kids playing the newest video games, along with other gaming, music and movie news. I vividly remember seeing Super Mario RPG for the first time on this show and losing my mind! Kids across Canada loved everything about V&A Top 10, including it's longtime host, Nicholas Picholas.

14 years after the show's run ended, Nicholas still gets for his work on Video & Arcade Top 10. I reached out to him on Twitter to see if he would be willing to come on the podcast and talk about his time on the show, and he was quick to accept the invitation. He couldn't have been a nicer guy, and it was a real dream come true for 10 year old me to get to talk with the guy I spent so many hours looking up to as a kid.

We get into the production of the show and what it was like during tapings. Nicholas also explains the origins of the iconic "It's Letter time, it's letter tiiiiimmeee" jingle, where his nickname came from, and more!

I hope you all enjoy this special edition of 'Remember The Game?' as much as I did!

You can find Nicholas Picholas on Twitter and Instagram @nickinbuffalo. Throw him a follow!

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