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Episode 105:

Super Mario World - Part II

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We've been kicking around 'revisiting' some of the games we covered in the early days of the podcast for a while, and the time has come. This week's episode is about the greatest game on the greatest console in the history of the greatest hobby in history; Super Mario World.

My ol' buddy (and potential Hall of Famer) Mark McCue is back this week, and we dedicated over an hour to Mario's greatest adventure. And we could have kept going! Maybe a Part 3 down the road...?

Either way, we talk a lot of Super Mario World on this episode. If that's all you're here for, skip to 19:30.

Or listen to the whole show! Because before we get into Mario and friends, there's a lot to talk about. Such as...

- Ubisoft's presentation this weekend. We look at the good, and the Vikings...

- Nintendo added more games to their Online service, including the phenomenal Donkey Kong Country!

- How much should you pay for GameCube these days?

And lots more! Enjoy the show!

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