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Episode 102:

WWF SmackDown!

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I know, I know, another wrestling game.

Listen, The Undertaker is retiring (allegedly). That's a big deal. Plus, I love wrestling, lots of you love wrestling, and I want to try and cash in on all the wrestling and Undertaker hash tagging on social media right now. So know your role.

WWF SmackDown! was the Playstation's answer to the Nintendo 64's vastly superior WWF games. And while it's not as good as those games, it was still damned fun. Frankly, I think it's a little underrated. It brought some rad features to the table, and SmackDown evolved into the SmackDown vs RAW series, which eventually became the 2K wrestling titles. So it's kind of important.

My buddy, frequent podcast guest and fellow booger eating wrestling fan Andre is back on the show this week, and we're gonna break down the Stone Cold-esque highs and the Al Snow style lows of the original Playstation's WWF SmackDown!

If that's all you're here for, skip to 20:50.

Or pay attention to the entire thing! Because before we get into The Rock and friends, I have a lot say about this stuff:

- EA showed us some games. And nobody really cared.

- We're getting a new Pokemon Snap! (100% thanks to this show)

- Crash Bandicoot is back, and holy hell I can't wait to play this!

And more! Thanks for the support, enjoy the podcast!

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