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Episode 101:

Super Castlevania IV

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Simon Belmont is finally making his first appearance on Remember The Game?

The fact that it took 101 episodes to happen is unforgivable, but we're gonna right some wrongs in the next hundred episodes. Plus, Super Castlevania IV steamrolled the competition and took down last month's Patreon Poll, so here you go.

This game kicks some serious ass. I've always liked and respected the Castlevania games, but I never really put any time into finishing one until now. Thanks to my handy SNES Classic, I can say that I've beaten a Castlevania game, and damned if it doesn't make me want to add more to my resume. (Looking at you, Symphony of the Night...)

Co-host of The Movie Epidemic podcast Bradley McCue was kind enough to give me a call and talk Super Castlevania IV, and if you like fast talking blowhards rambling on about kick ass video games from 30 years ago, get comfy.

If that's all you're here for, skip to 18:00.

Or eat all your dinner and listen to the entire show. We roll out a brand new segment this week! Which involves your reaction to the Playstation 5 reveal. I have a few thoughts about it myself, including the odd design of the system and the games that looked the most interesting to me. I also talk about the gaming blackhole I'm wallowing in while I wait for The Last of Us Part II.

Just another day at Remember The Game? Industries. Enjoy the podcast!

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