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Episode 100:

Halo 2

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These days, huge game releases are the norm. You can pre-download titles on your consoles if you're buying them digitally, or line up at the store and get it at midnight if you want to, and everyone gets excited and fucking losers spoil games early for everyone and it's just craziness. That wasn't the case back in 2004. Until Halo 2 anyways.

The hype for the second Master Chief adventure was insane. We had all played the original Halo campaign to death, and we wanted more. People were completely addicted the multi-player and needed more levels to kill each other on. Halo 2 had promised an incredible new single player story, along with a beefed up multi-player mode, and the bar had been set almost unreachably high. Fortunately, Bungie came through. Not only did they reach the bar, they jumped over it and sniped a couple Grunts in the process.

I love this game, I think it has the best campaign in the series history, the multi-player is on point, Halo 2 rocks. My pal Tyler agrees, and we'd love to tell you all about it.

Skip to 20:00 if you just want that.

But I think you should listen to the whole thing. The music slaps, and before we get into Halo 2 I talk about a few things, including...

- Sony has announced a new date for their first big Playstation 5 presentation. What do I think we'll see, and when are we getting freaking pricing???

- Did SEGA's big announcement we teased last week live up to the hype?? (No.)

- A whole bunch of thank-yous, and I reveal the winner of our Switch Lite! If you want to see the video, it's available at this link:

Thanks for listening, you guys are the best. Here's to 100 more. Enjoy the podcast!

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