Game Patch 9.0

Game Patch 9.0
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General Gaming News - 3:20

Playstation news - 17:30

Xbox news - 35:23

Nintendo news - 48:39

Playstation has announced which PS4 games don't make the PS5 cut, and they're also gonna be able to hear what you say to little Billy while you beat him at Madden..

We also talk about:

Epic and Apple's Fortnite feud (again)...

Xbox is coming to iOS, whether Apple likes it or not...

Nintendo is suing Til Tok'rs (but not Apple)...

And more non-Apple stories!

The theme music was generously provided by 'Vertical Noise', a band from the U.K. The track is 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show', and you can find it and all their music on iTunes & Spotify and stuff. If you like it, toss them a download.