Game Patch 6.0

Game Patch 6.0
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Microsoft/Bethesda News - 3:45

General Gaming News - 34:52

Playstation news - 42:08

Xbox news - 59:50

Nintendo news - 1:11:50

Microsoft owns Bethesda, and I suppose we should talk about it. I actually dedicated the first section of the show specifically to that news. I break down the story, what we know, share your thoughts, and tell you what I think this means for gaming. Once that's done, we get into the rest of the news.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S preorders went live and broke the internet.

Sony will allow most PS4 games to run on the PS5, and some PS5 games to run on the PS4...

Also, expanding your memory on the Xbox Series X and S might not be cheap.

Nintendo is retiring the 3DS/2DS, so we share some memories of the little clamshell that could.

Left 4 Dead is back (kinda) and lots more!

The theme music was generously provided by 'Vertical Noise', a band from the U.K. The track is 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show', and you can find it and all their music on iTunes & Spotify and stuff. If you like it, toss them a download.