Game Patch 5.0

Game Patch 5.0
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Multi-Console news - 2:58

Playstation news - 18;00

Xbox news - 51:20

Nintendo news - 1:03:20

Last week it was all about Xbox Series X/S. This week it's Playstation's turn. PS5 pricing, dates, games, we go over all of it!

We also at Apple's "attempt" to allow Gamepass streaming on their devices, and Microsoft had videos prepared to break down all the next gen info that got leaked. And they also got leaked....

Nintendo held a mini Direct this week to show off some of the games their partners are working on. We also got some new NES and SNES online games (including an absolute banger).

And before all of that we look at the best selling games in August. Gamestop is closing a ton of stores. Mass Effect is in the news, and lots more!

The theme music was generously provided by 'Vertical Noise', a band from the U.K. The track is 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show', and you can find it and all their music on iTunes & Spotify and stuff. If you like it, toss them a download.