Game Patch 28.0

Game Patch 28.0
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Xbox News - 58:48

Nintendo News - 1:05:40

E3 2021 has officially been cancelled, at least in it's physical form. They're planning to go ahead with digital presentations, but the jury is out on whether or not the big game companies will come along for the ride. We break it down, throw out possible solutions for this year, and discuss what the future of E3 could look like if game companies decide they don't need to participate any more.

I also get into stuff like:

- Epic Games purchasing Fall Guys

- Sony has rolled out a bunch of new PSVR game announcements

- New PS Plus, PS Now and GamePass games!

- Nintendo seems to be standing firm on removing all Mario 35th anniversary mercy from stores at the end of the month

And more!!

The theme music for the show was generously provided by U.K. band 'Vertical Noise'. You can find 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show' and all their music wherever you get your tunes!

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