Game Patch 25.0

Game Patch 25.0
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Nintendo News - 1:01:07

Hackers broke into CD Projekt Red's systems, and stole a bunch of internal memos and info. Oh yeah, and the source codes to Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk. CD Projekt Red refused to pay their asking price, and now it appears the game codes have been sold on the dark web. What the hell????

I also talk about non-dark web stuff, including:        

- The creator of Terreria cancelling a Google Stadia port of the game after being locked out of his Google accounts.

- GTA V has sold a mind blowing 140 MILLION copies!

- Nintendo has added SNES and NES games to their online service, and nobody wants them.

- Greasy assholes are buying up McDonalds Pokemon Cards, because people suck...

And more!!     

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