Game Patch 24.0

Game Patch 24.0
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General Gaming News - 3:35

PlayStation News - 30:40

Xbox News - 47:35

Nintendo News - 1:00:05

Google has announced that they've abandoned making first party games for the Google Stadia, and they're focusing on being a third party platform. I mock them for it. I show a little love to the PC Master Race too, and get into a story about how Valve is using Steam's popularity to jerk nerds around.

I also talk about regular console stuff, including:

- MLB The Show 21 is coming to Xbox!

- Playstation has revealed some PS5 sales numbers, and they aren't too shabby...

- Halo:Infinite is being designed to run optimally on various console and PC hardware, as opposed to just porting the same game to everything.

- Nintendo isn't saying a Switch Pro is coming, but they aren't not saying it either...

And more!!

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