Game Patch 23.0

Game Patch 23.0
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The entire planet is talking about GameStop and their stock prices. But why listen to big business tycoons and analysts with degrees and TV shows and stuff, when you could listen to the opinions of an unemployed comedian who once bought stock in Blackberry? I break down this tire fire to the best of my abilities and tell you what I think.

I also talk about stuff I (kind of) understand, including:        

- Cyberpunk 2077 had the biggest digital game launch in history

- The PS plus and Games with Gold for February have been announced, and they're awesome!

- Nintendo is being sued again, this time by us maple syrup chugging Canadians

- Xbox increased the price of Xbox Live Gold, decreased it when everyone got mad, and I think they did it on purpose.

And more!!     

The theme music for the show was generously provided by U.K. band 'Vertical Noise'. You can find 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show' and all their music wherever you get your tunes!