Game Patch 22.0

Game Patch 22.0
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PlayStation News - 29:50

Xbox News - 49:35

Nintendo News - 1:01:36

For some reason, there's an ass load of 'Studio X is working on a secret game' news this week, so we talk about it. On one hand, having only rumour and speculation sucks. On the other hand, it's like looking at Christmas presents you haven't opened yet and fantasizing about what's inside.

I also talk about actual confirmed, non-rumour news including:        

- Some new info about the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie

- Scalpers are still buying up Playstation 5s, and now they're actually bragging about it.

- A box of pokemon cards sold for over $400k recently. Fuck...

- New GamePass additions!!!

- More Cyberpunk, because of course...

And more!!     

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