Game Patch 19.0

Game Patch 19.0
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General Gaming News - 3:46

PlayStation News - 21:10

Xbox News - 32:45

Nintendo News: 41:10

After a week off, we're back! And sadly, the biggest news of the week is the fucking KFC console. So we'll talk about. It's a slow week....

I also talk about non-deep fried chicken stuff, including:

- The PS Plus and Games with Gold for January!

- Among Us is taking over the planet!

- Nintendo won another lawsuit! (Maybe we'll start a "who did Nintendo sue this week?" segment...)

And lots more!

The theme music for the show was generously provided by U.K. band 'Vertical Noise'. You can find 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show' and all their music wherever you get your tunes!

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