Game Patch 12.0

Game Patch 12.0
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General Gaming News - 4:12

Playstation news - 19:35

Xbox news - 37:09

Nintendo news - 45:50

Sony has announced that you won't be able to walk into a store and buy a PlayStation 5 on release day. Best Buy and Wal-Mart have said the same for the Xbox Series X/S. Because why not see if we can make this console launch weirder?

We also talk about:

- The PS5 controller works on everything except the PS4...

- Apple and Xbox are friends again! Kind of.

- The Switch has outsold the NES's lifetime sales in less than 4 years!

And lots of other things.

The theme music was generously provided by 'Vertical Noise', a band from the U.K. The track is 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show', and you can find it and all their music on iTunes & Spotify and stuff. If you like it, toss them a download.