Game Patch 11.0

Game Patch 11.0
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General Gaming News - 4:45

Playstation news - 26:00

Xbox news - 44:25

Nintendo news - 53:20

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed. Again. I might make this a weekly segment on the show moving forward. We talk about what this could mean for the game and it's sales, and why this delay upset more people than others did. We also talk about:

- The Playstation 5 is out-selling the Playstation 4, at least for pre-orders

- Is Xbox going to release a ROKU style streaming stick??

- Nintendo held a Mini Partner Direct this week!

And lots of other things.

The theme music was generously provided by 'Vertical Noise', a band from the U.K. The track is 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show', and you can find it and all their music on iTunes & Spotify and stuff. If you like it, toss them a download.