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#15: The Last of Us Part II - Spoilercast

I made it through the entire review without spoiling anything, but I have a lot to say about this game and it's story. Seems to go without saying, but this episode is full of spoilers. You've been warned.

#14: The Last of Us Part II Review (Spoiler Free!)

My most anticipated game in years is finally here! Did it live up to the hype? Should you play it? Should you play the first game before this one? Is it good!? I answer all these questions, and do it without ANY spoilers, too!

#13: Patreon Q&A - June 2020

Answering listener questions, including: "Should retro games be criticized if their mechanics haven't aged well?", "Are 'Adults Only' ratings poison for games?", "What game should a new gamer start with?", "Why does Adam hate Bret Hart?"

#12: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Wii U Edition

The Wii U is pretty universally considered Nintendo's biggest misstep (aside from the Virtual Boy). But those of us that liked the thing, loved it. On this episode, we look back at what went right, and everything that went wrong, with the Wii U.

#11: Ranking The 94 Games We've Covered on Remember The Game?

We've talked about 94 different titles/series on Remember The Game? So for this edition of Expansion Pass, I ranked all those games from worst to best, and shared some of our listener's top 3 games as well!

#10: Save States, ROMs, and Retro Game Preservation

Is it OK to use ROMs and emulators to play old games? Are retro games at risk of being lost to history without them? Are save states considered cheating? I weigh in on retro gaming in 2020.

#9: Streets of Rage 4 Review/Spoilercast

It's been 26 years since Streets of Rage 3. Does the newest entry hold up? I give a deep, in-depth (spoiler filled) review of the newest Streets game, from the viewpoint of someone that has never played a previous game in the series.

#8: Patreon Q&A - May 2020

Answering listener questions, including: "What old school gaming trends do you wish would come back?", "What's the best video game movie?", "How does VR fit into the future of gaming?", "What's the best Monopoly piece?"

#7: How Would I (Try To) Save GameStop?

Like it or not, GameStop seems to be following in Blockbuster's footsteps. How would I try and save the company? I explain my ideas on this week's episode. 

#6: Ranking My 10 Favourite Consoles of All-Time

I've owned most of the major North American video game consoles that have released since the NES. On this episode, I rank my top 10, and give some honourable mentions, too

#5: Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 Predictions

News about the next generation of gaming will start breaking pretty fast, so I decided to steal a page from every other gaming show in existence and make some predictions about the Series X and the PlayStation 5.

#4: Final Fantasy VII Remake Review & SpoilerCast

This episode is all about the insanely anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first half is a 100% spoiler-free review, and the second half is a spoiler filled discussion about the game.

#3: Patreon Q&A - April 2020

Answering listener questions, including: "Why does everybody hate Final Fantasy VIII?", "What games will be considered 'classics' in the future?", "If you could experience a game for the first time again, which would it be?"

#2: Xbox, PlayStation and Switch Sales Recommendations

The big 3 are holding incredible sales right now. I go over all 3, and share my recommendations for games you should pick up on the cheap. (If you're listening after these sales, most of these games are worth your time even at full price)

#1: Ranking The Core Mario Games

Mario is my favourite franchise ever. Particularly the Super Mario platforming games. I've played them all, and in this episode I rank them from best to worst. This was hard, but really fun.

**Prior to launching 'Expansion Pass' in April of 2020, Patreons received two bonus podcasts per month:
A Q&A episode and a game review. All of those episode are listed below & available with your pledge as well** 

March 2020 Q&A: 

Answering Patreon questions, including "Do you have any ideas for games you want to see made?", What game do you like that everyone else hates?", "What games, if any, do you play with your girlfriend?"

Top Secret Episode #9: Sonic-Mania Review

Everyone knows I grew up in a Nintendo house, and I have mixed opinions on the Sonic the Hedgehog games. That said, Sonic-Mania is awesome. It's the best Sonic game ever made, and I tell you why on this episode.

February 2020 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including "What games need a sequel in the worst way?", "You hate the Wii, but do you have a top 5 Wii game list?", "What are your favourite NES & SNES box art designs?"

Top Secret Episode #8: Shovel Knight Review

Spoiler - I love Shovel Knight. So much. I've bought it on multiple consoles, played it over and over, and on this Top Secret episode I explain why it's the best retro-inspired indie game ever made. 

January 2020 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including "What retro games would you like to see DLC for?", "Have you played any of the big PC games (Warcraft, Diablo, etc)?", "What was your favourite game to play with your brother as kids?"

Top Secret Episode #7: Golf Story Review

By popular request, Mark McCue and I review the retro inspired indie golf game; Golf Story.

December 2019 Q&A and My Top 10 Games of the Decade:

On this special Q&A podcast, I answer a bunch of our patrons questions like always. But before I do, I breakdown my top 10 games of the decade (2010-2019). Enjoy!

Top Secret Episode #6: Pokemon Sword & Shield Review

My friend Miklos and I breakdown the most recent entries into the Pokemon universe. They're taking a LOT of heat online, but do these games deserve it?

Top Secret Episode #5: Celeste Review

Reviews all over the internet are calling Celeste a masterpiece. Is it warranted? Mark McCue and I discuss it as we review the indie inspired platformer; Celeste. (And yes, it is warranted.)

November 2019 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including: "What are the best & worst controllers of all-time?", "Who are your favourite and least favourite characters in gaming history?", "What were your favourite gaming magazines?"

October 2019 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including: "Any good arcade stories?", "What games have disappointed you the most after buying them?", "What are your thoughts on Skyrim, will we get an episode about it?"

Top Secret Episode #4: Link's Awakening Remake Review

Mark McCue and I drop a thorough, spoiler filled review of Nintendo's Link's Awakening remake. Is a Game Boy game worth full price in 2019? Yes, it is.

September 2019 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including: "Virtual Console or Nintendo Online?", "What are my five favourite Simpsons characters?", "Are mobile games considered 'real video games'?"

Top Secret Episode #3: The Messenger Review

If you grew up playing Ninja Gaiden, Shonibi, or any other kick-ass 8 or 16bit action game, you should play The Messenger. We tell you why on this Top Secret Episode.

August 2019 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including: "As a Nintendo fanboy, what do you think of the PlayStation when it came out?", "Do you have any SEGA memories?", "Is VR legit, or just a gimmick?"

Top Secret Episode #2: Octopath Traveler Review

Every JRPG fan has a soft spot for some 16-bit games from the genre. Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Chrono Trigger, you could argue the 90's were the golden age of JRPGs. Octopath Traveler tries to pay homage to the classics.

July 2019 Q&A:

Answering Patreon questions, including: "What would you make if you could make a brand new video game?", "Why did you get into stand-up comedy?", "Best video game endings?"

Top Secret Episode #1: Cuphead Review

Cuphead might just be the best looking video game I've ever played. It looks like a cartoon from the 30's, and it's absolutely captivating. It's also really fun and REALLY hard. It's rad. We'll tell you why on this episode.

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