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Episode 91:

Mega Man X3

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Even if you haven't played Megaman X3, you should still absolutely listen to this episode. Everyone has a played a MM game, so it's easy to follow along, and the music alone makes this worth your time.

That said, I love Megaman. But I don't love Megaman X3. It feels like a frustrating (VERY frustrating) incomplete MM game. My guest this week is the Movie Epidemic podcast's Bradley McCue, and we go over the good, the bad, and the ugly of X's third adventure. Angry Adam pops up a couple times too, if you like him. Skip to 23:05 if you're just here for that.

Or listen to the whole thing and hear me talk about:

- Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out this week!!!!
- Last of Us 2 isn't. In fact, we won't see it for a while...
- The Messenger is getting a prequel, and it looks like Chrono Trigger!
- People are scalping Nintendo Switches again!?

And more!

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