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Episode 270:

The Addams Family

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It's the Halloween season, so we gotta freaky here at RTG, and I can't think of anything scarier than The Addams Family for the NES. Seriously, this game will fuck you up.

I genuinely think the skeleton of a good game is buried in here. You control Gomez Addams and explore the family mansion looking for your missing family members. There's puzzle solving, a little bit of exploration, and some fun platforming. It's just weighed down by horrible collision detection and brutal difficulty. Even by NES standards.

That said, I'm a sucker for 'NES tough' games, and my brother and I used to rent this one all the time when e were kids. I'm rolling solo this week and ranting about one of the toughest games I played on the NES, and I hope you like it.

More importantly, I hope the stupid Addams Family song gets stuck in your head like it is in mine. Just awful...

And before I yell at a freezer (seriously), I deliver another edition of the Infamous Intro!

This week, someone asks which consoles has had the best exclusive lineup in this stacked year of games? Do I have any nerdy hobbies aside from gaming? And how do I keep track of all the games I've played over the years?

Plus we play another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', too! This one stars the 3 "scary" NES games: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Monster Party, and Friday the 13th.

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