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Episode 135:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV:
Turtles in Time (Part II)

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This week, we're re-visiting a game that we covered back in the infant days of 'Remember The Game?', and this one goes all the way back to episode 2! My buddy Tyler is my guest, and we're taking another peak at one of the most beloved beat 'em ups in gaming history; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time!

This bad boy is considered by many to be the best Ninja Turtles game ever made, and it's frigging thirty years old. I don't know if that's a testament to the quality of the game, or a shot at the lack of good Turtles games over the past 3 decades, but I digress. This game is rad, and I'm happy to welcome it back to the show.

And of course, before Sewer Surfin', it's the Remember The Game Infamous Intro!

This week, a listener writes in and says that 'Angry Adam' makes him feel better about his own kid's controller throwing. I get asked if I'd rather have all my childhood games back, or have the opportunity to invest in GameStop before that whole thing happened. And we talk about all the dormant Nintendo IPs, and why they aren't doing anything with them!

Plus, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time, it's the 'Make Adam Sweat' edition, featuring Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Earthbound.

This is a big 'un. If you want to skip to something specific, here's where to go:

0:00 - Intro

2:45 - Initial self-indulgent rambling & 'Expansion Pass #45: Cyber Shadow Review' Clip

9:30 - 'Blowing In The Cartridge' (Listener comments & questions)

22:15 - 'Play One. Remake One. Erase One.'

36:20 - What have I been playing?

38:15 - Listener's Turtles in Time Memories

45:00 + Turtle Talk!

Enjoy the podcast!

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