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Episode 129:

Crash Bandicoot

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2020 has been, not...good. I think most of us can agree on that. But one of the bright lights of the last year was that we finally got Crash Bandicoot 4. And haters gonna hate, that game is fucking awesome. So is Crash Bandicoot. Which is why for the final episode of 2020, we're talking about the box breaking Bandicoot's debut title; Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation.

I've been wanting to talk about this game for quite a while, and we finally made it happen. My guest this week is my pal and fellow comedian Darren Morris, who you may remember from our Spyro The Dragon podcast, and we spent a good hour talking about the ups and downs of the Crash franchise, why he didn't stick as Playstation's "mascot", and a bunch of other Bandicooty stuff.

And as always, before we break boxes, it's the Remember The Game Infamous Intro! This time around, I talk about why Nintendo games don't drop in price like other games do, are PlayStation 4s designed to slow down like old smartphones are, I talk about what I played over Christmas break, and more!

And of course, we play 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time around, it's the 'Great games that I played on my 24 hour charity stream and all end with the number 2' Edition, starring Donkey Kong Country 2, MegaMan 2, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

If you want to skip to something specific, here's where to go:

0:00 - 1:45 Intro

1:45 - 9:25 Initial self-indulgent rambling

9:25 - 23:22 'Blowing In The Cartridge' (Listener comments & questions, and Letter Time!)

23:22 - 34:46 'Play One. Remake One. Erase One.'
34:46 - 35:55 What have I been playing?

35:55 - 38:25 Listener's Crash Bandicoot Memories

38:25 + Crash Bandicoot Talk!

Enjoy the podcast!

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