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Episode 104:


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Over the past few months, I've been playing a lot of old school Playstation. Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon, WWF SmackDown!, Crash Bandicoot, and now Medievil. And I have to say; while they aren't the prettiest games, Sony's little grey box holds up!

Medievil was the runner up in our Patreon Poll a couple months ago, and a very vocal percentage of our listeners wanted an episode about Sir Fortesque and his weird world. I've always been intrigued by it, so I figured "what the hell?" and fired it up. It controls like a shopping cart, but even with that wart, it was absolutely delightful.

My buddy Andre thinks so, too. He was on me to talk Medievil the second it showed up on our poll, and I think you're really gonna enjoy this episode of the show. This game oozes charm, and...ooze. We like it a lot, and we tell you why on this episode of the show.

If that's all you're here for, skip to 20:35.

Or listen to the whole show! Because before we get into Medievil, there's a lot to talk about. Such as...

- Fallout is getting a TV show!!

- Min Min is in Smash Bros. Who's Min Min, you ask? I was gonna ask you...

- We're getting a ton of demos on the Xbox One later this month. Why aren't there more demos!?!?!

- Is Mark McCue going back into the Hall of Fame? And do you guys want a Dinopark Tycoon episode of the show?

And more!

Enjoy the show!

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